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Here are some samples of orders I have done in the past.









Quarters: $10.95 each

Dimes: $8.95 each

Quarter sets: $11.95 (You get both halves)

Dime sets: $9.95 (You get both halves)

3-Way Quarter sets: $13.95 (You get all 3 pieces)

Half Dollars: $14.95 each

Gold dollars: $12.95 each

"ordering page"

Example Names


If you have a Question on what I can or cannot do.. just email. There is alot I can do. However, everything depends on "connections on the coin", as well as maintaining the strenght of the coin.

Don't hesitate to email, if you have a design you want. I'll email back promptly. I'll let you know if I can do it, if I can do it with some alterations.. or if it's not possible.



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