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US Sacagawea 
Golden Dollars
I can do any design in the Golden Dollars that I can do in the Quarters. In many cases, I can do more. Please check the "Other Pages" in this site for more design ideas.

Note: These are US Minted Sacagawea Golden Dollars. Although there is no real Gold in them,,, they do have a Gold colored finish. The coin itself is mostly copper. I do not have a Gold chain to include. I am mainly charging for the work in the coin cutting. Also, I have a hard time finding these coins today. You will have to send me the coin.

Single Gold Dollars: $12.95 each


Gold Dollar sets: $13.95

You get both halves

New US Golden Dollar. I can cut anything in these that I cut in the other coins. On the names, I can get up too 8 letters for a single name. If I cut the name along the bottom, I can get up to 10 letters. I can also do "2 names in one". Example: Jim "heart" Tina (Jim loves Tina). 7 letter per name limit  on the 2 names design (if the top name is small, I can get more on bottom). For single names, I can put a small design in the corner. Usually a heart, cross, moon. lightning bolt, or star. Please specify preference. 


To order: Enter the paypal site below, or go to our ordering page for more options. Type the item number (if one was given), and include a brief description if it's a name or other custom design. (Michigan residents include 6% sales tax)





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