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We have many designs that sell really well. Frequently we get asked.. "exactly what is your best seller"? To tell the truth.. I don't think we have any "one" that sells the best. However, we do have certain designs that tend to out sell the others overall. Here is a collection of those designs.


     best1   (3 way quarter)               best2   (Dime set)               best3   (Dime set)                 best4 (Dime set)


        best5  (Dime set)                      best6 (Dime set)                   best7 (Dime set)                    best8 (Dime set)


         best9 (Quarter)                         best10  (Quarter)                   best11 (Quarter)                 best12 (Quarter)


           best13 (Quarter)              best14 (3 way Quarter)              best15 (Dime)                     best16 (Quarter set)


       best17 (Quarter set)            best18  (Quarter set)              best19 (Quarter set)                  best20 (Quarter)


            best21 (Dime)                     best22 (Quarter)                   best23 (Quarter)                   best24 (Quarter set)


        best25 (Quarter set)             best26 (Quarter set)               best27 (Quarter)                     best28 (Quarter)


          best29 (Quarter)                  best30 (Half dollar)                best31 (Quarter)                      best32 (Quarter)


To order: Enter the paypal site below, or go to our ordering page for more options. Type the item number (if one was given), and include a brief description if it's a name or other custom design. (Michigan residents include 6% sales tax)




Quarters: $10.95 each

Dimes: $8.95 each

Quarter interlocking sets: $11.95 (You get both halves)

Dime interlocking sets: $9.95 (You get both halves)

3-Way Quarter sets: $13.95 (You get all 3 pieces)

Gold Dollars: $12.95

Gold Dollar interlocking sets: $13.95

Half Dollars: $14.95 each


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