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Gary V. Ambrose II  ..  Has been cutting coins since 1985. He learned from his mother and stepfather, who have been coincutters since he was a young kid . Gary started his own business in 1985 (with their concept), and went his own way with it.

Today, his parents still cut coins. They work the "upper" Michigan area. Gary works the "lower" Michigan area mainy. Both their booths share alot of similarities, yet both are unique and seperate businesses.

Gary and his parents have done "literally" thousands of shows. Not together, but shows all over. Gary personally has done shows in "Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and many more places. Previous he tended to travel further then his parents, but today both like to stick to a 2 hour range from home.

Gary is currently residing in "Flushing Michigan" with his girlfriend "Roxann".  They have 4 grown children. Her two , his two , and one younger one together.


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