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Honey and Friendship 
Dime Sets: 

These are interlocking sets for Boyfriend/Girlfriend, or just Best Friends. You get "both" pieces for one low price!! 

All sets also include "Necklaces" or "Keychains! Please Specify




Have your "initials" made!!



dset 3                            dset 4                           dset 5

dset 6                           dset 7                          dset 8

dset 9                           dset 10                          dset 11

dset 12                           dset 13                          dset 14

dset 15                           dset 16                          dset 17

dset 18                           dset 19                          dset 20


All Dime sets are:$9.95 per set

(you get both halves)



To order: Enter the paypal site below, or go to our ordering page for more options. Type the item number (if one was given), and include a brief description if it's a name or other custom design. (Michigan residents include 6% sales tax)





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