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 Current show Schedule 

Currently, I am booking shows "week by week", so hard to give a real schedule.

If you wonder if I will be at an event you seen me previous, or just wonder if we will be in your area just call (number below). If I get some confirmed dates I will try to post them here.

There are some shows we try to do every year. Listed below

Clawson MI 4th of July- In Clawson city park (July 4th)

Polish Fest- Sterling Heights, MI (Exact dates vary by year, mid July)

Italian Fest- Sterling Heights, MI At Freedom Hill (Dates vary, late July)


We try to do all the Michigan mall craft shows that TRENDY CRAFT SHOWS promotes. You can find their schedule online. They usually have several in the spring, several in the fall.... and a 3-4 week mall Christmas show in the SterlingHts/Detroit area.


Call us:

810-919-5949 (Please leave a message if unable to reach us. Note: This is a personal number, not a buiness number. We are a small home based business, so you won't be hearing some business recording.)



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