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Have Your Logo Done!! 

Are you a business owner, and have a company logo? Are you a musician in a band? Do you belong to some group or organization? If you are, you may want your logo cut!!

If you have a logo you want cut, please contact me. I will let you know if I can do it, and how close I expect it to be. Just email, or send me a picture or sketch of what you would like. 

Picture sent to me 
The half dollar in progress, and finished. 

Picture sent to me        The coin I cut. 
Order code: Half Dollar
Your Logo in a Half Dollar- $14.95 

Picture sent to me         The coin I cut. 
Order code: Quarter Logo
Your Logo in a Quarter- $10.95

Picture sent to me                       The coin I cut. 
Order code: Quarter Logo
Your Logo in a Quarter- $10.95

Order code: Quarter Logo
Your Logo in a Quarter- $10.95
In many cases, I can get the lettering close to the same lettering on your logo. In some cases, I cannot, but will make every attempt to get it close. 

Although I try, I cannot always get the logo to be exact. My policy is, if it isn't going to look right, I won't do it. If something has to be altered slightly, I will contact you to see if it is ok. After two decades in the business.. I know right off what can, and can't be done. If it's not going to look "cool".. I won't attempt it. However... in 99% of the cases, I can do the logo, and the customer is satisfied :)  

If you want a "logo" done, email a picture to: cutoutcoins@yahoo.com  I will contact you on price ($10.95 in most cases), and let you know if it can be done, and how much detail I can get.

Paypal payments to:


If you don't have "Paypal", and want other ordering options see our "Order page".

Pricing of Logos will vary somewhat based on the detail. In most cases a custom logo will be $10.95. In some cases, where there is more detail it may be more. 



Orders shipped as quickly as possible. Remember, these are hand cut. Time to ship, depends on how busy we are. Generally, small orders ship in about a week. Ask if you need to know exact shipping date.


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