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(Site last updated 2-8-2011)

Many graphics on this site. If some images don't show for you, try "re-load" on your browser. You could also try going to a different page, and returning (which brings in most). Recently I downloaded the new browser from "Apple", called "SafarI" (Search for download link). I have never had one image not load using this browser. It's free, and there is a "Windows version".


We do Names, Friendship sets, Custom Logos, and hundreds of other designs in Genuine US and Foreign currency! We have been in business over two decades, and can create just about any design you like.

A picture of my display setup at a mall

Browse the links to the left. We have hundreds of designs on this site. We also do custom orders.

Shipping is FREE!

Due to being "Hand cut" shipping times may vary. Ask and I can give an "approx" how long it will take. Most small orders ship quickly.


This site is the cheapest place you can get these coins. This is the direct way to me. You may have seen my work on other sites, in stores, and even on my display in malls. The prices here, are the lowest they come!   

Examples of the artwork


 orders to:

To order: Enter the paypal site (link above), or go to our ordering page for more options. Type the item number (if one was given), and include a brief description if it's a name or other custom design.

Michigan residents must add 6% sales tax

 8051 W. Carpenter Rd. 
Flushing,  Michigan  48433 
810-919-5849 (cell)

Questions, Comments or Concerns? 
e-mail and you will get a prompt reply :)




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